Overwhelmed by Data?

Marianne Zilic

Friday, June 19, 2015

You're not alone.  The fact of the matter is, most people don't know what to do with the massive amounts of readily available data.  Quite simply, it isn't being used at all.  Some organizations waste time and valuable resources gathering and sorting data...but don't actually do anything useful with it.  Still others do use their data...that is, they make faulty decisions on irrelevant data.

Not all data is equal and not all data is useful.  The trick, that is, the skill, is to know what matters and, most importantly, what doesn't.

What are your organizational objectives?  What divisional goals do you have?  What targets, both employee and departmental, are set?  The data you pull, should be entirely relevant to your overall objectives.  Otherwise you can be not only wasting resources, but making decisions off irrelevant metrics.

If you aren't in this position, don't start pulling data until you know why you doing so.  Bad decisions cost time and money.